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IASSA Certified Training Program

The INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS FOR SLEEP APNEA (IASSA) is happy to announce its flagship training program. The aim of this program is to facilitate skill enhancement and knowledge exchange in clinical evaluation, technological awareness, and scientific research. It also aims to help the trainees acquire appropriate exposure and expertise for effective application and use of learned skills.

The IASSA Certified Training program will be conducted in 8 centers spread across the country. These are high volume centers of excellence led by leaders in the field of sleep medicine. The centers have undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure a quality learning experience for all trainees.


It is a 2-month structured training program focused exclusively on the management of patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Trainees will have the opportunity to follow the mentor in his clinic and operating Room and gain first-hand knowledge from this training. Trainees are encouraged to choose their center of preference and the dates as per their convenience and availability of the same. Each Mentor is allowed to host only 2 trainees per session to ensure adequate clinical exposure for the trainees.

The candidates can apply anytime throughout the year. However, the interviews for the same will be held twice a year at designated IASSA Affiliated conferences. A personal interview is a must and presents an opportunity for the candidate to discuss the training program with various mentors.

For further details please write to us

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide outstanding clinical training in the management of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  • To facilitate skill enhancement and knowledge exchange in clinical skills and technological awareness

  • To acquire appropriate exposure and expertise for effective application and use of learned skills


  • Detailed clinical evaluation of a patient with snoring or suspected sleep apnea

  • Know Indications and Interpretation of sleep studies (All Levels)

  • Become acquainted in the various available nose, palate and tongue base procedures including DISE


  • Duration: 2 months

  • Max 2 trainees per center

  • Administrative fees Rs 10,000; Non-Stipendiary training

  • Administrative fess to be paid at the IASSACON itself. The final list of selected candidates will be displayed at the IASSA Stall on day 3. The names will be displayed on the website 1 week from the conference

  • Local Stay and expenses to be the trainee’s responsibility

  • Center may provide support in the form of subsided lodging and boarding.

  • Candidates will be allowed to observe, assist or operate as per the trainee’s experience and mentor’s discretion

  • Candidate will be expected to assist the mentor in his routine clinical work

  • Attendance - 80% minimum

  • Candidates will submit a detailed logbook to the training council

  • Certificate will be issued only after online submission of course completion/feedback forms both by the candidate and the center. It will be issued by the IASSA head office/training council

  • Successful candidates will be mentioned on the IASSA website as the list of trainees – list to updated annually

Trainee Requirements

  • MS / DNB / Diploma (ENT)

  • Candidates are encouraged to apply after 2 years of PG completion. (Minimum - 1 year)

  • Candidates with more experience will be preferred

Application Process

  • IASSA (Provisional) Membership is a must. Can become member till the first day of the conference

  • Online applications allowed till a week before the conference. All training related info – application form, center related special details including contact info, stay facilities, what to expect to be mentioned on the website

  • All candidates to come for personal interview in the upcoming IASSACON  /  Mid term conference

  • Deadline for application to be 1st day of the conference – IASSA Stall / such designated stall

  • Interviews to be held on the 2nd day after lunch session.

  • A fellowship committee of 3 governing Body members will screen all applications for eligibility.

  • Incomplete forms will be rejected

  • CV detailing – must  

  •      a) Personal details

  •      b) Academic qualifications

  •      c) Current employment / position and previous professional employments.

  •      d) Interest/ direction/ achievement in ENT/ Sleep Surgery

  • Candidate can mention up to 3 centers of excellence, in their order of preference and preferred dates (2 month slot each)

  • Candidate will be selected on the following basis

  • Fellowship committee to meet once on the 1st day and inform governing body about eligible candidates

  • Interview – 20 marks ( 2 experts – 1 fellowship committee member and the mentor of the center) Each center will have a separate interview station

  • An interview between the trainee and the mentor should be encouraged to clarify expectations – both sides

  • Decision of the selection committee will be final

  • Selected candidates can withdraw their application 6 months prior to the start of their training.

  • Candidates will be blacklisted / forbidded from any future applications if there’s a no show or stops training in less than a month.

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Training Center Requirements

  • Center should be affiliated or have access to a level 1 sleep lab, Operation theatre with all the requisite requirements

  • Should be approved by the IASSA Governing Body / Fellowship committee

  • Maximum 2 candidates per mentor at any given point of time

Current Centres

Vikas Agrawal.jpg

Vikas Agrawal

Specialty ENT Hospital



Srinivas Kishore

AIG Hospital



Vijaya Krishnan P

Madras ENT Research Foundation



Vidyasagar R

Sagar ENT - Head & Neck Center, Vijayawada

Ranjini Raghavan.png

Ranjini Raghavan

Sunrise Hospital,



Dipankar Datta

Belle Vue Clinic,



Deenadayal DS

Dr.Deenadayal ENT Centre


Devinder Rai.bmp

Devinder Rai

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,



Seemab Shaikh

Ruby Hospital / Inamdar Hospital,


IASSA Certified Training Program

  • Applications are open for the next batch of the certified training program under the aegis of IASSA

  • The committee has accredited 9 high volume centres across the country for the benefit of the trainees

  • Interviews will be conducted at the forthcoming IASSACON 2023 in Hyderabad, July 15, 2023

  • Applicants are free to post their queries at

  • Please visit /

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